The development of safer, greener and smarter transport systems for the benefit of citizens, society and environmental policies, as well as the maintenance and advancement of the competitiveness achieved by European industries on the global market, are the main objectives of the Aeronautic sector.

The aeronautics sector is characterised by high demands in terms of quality levels, and Fagor Electrónica is backed by the EN 9100 and EN 9110 certifications. Both certificates are necessary for becoming a reference supplier in aeronautical electronics. The implementation of EN 9100 is not considered an option, but rather a necessity for organisations that wish to maintain its competitiveness.

The electronic systems used in this sector are characterised, among other factors, by their high demands in terms of reliability, quality, safety and technology. Fagor Electrónica is prepared to respond to these needs.

Featured projects

  • 75 KW Converter Project

    75 KW Converter Project

    Development of a new line of high-power (75 KW) AC/DC converters for powering the electrical systems of aeroplanes. The equipment developed converts the three-phase, variable frequency (360Hz-800Hz) 115 V voltage from the main generator of the aircraft into a continuous voltage of 270 Vdc with low ripple and high stability, to power the aircraft power systems (radar, hydraulic system, etc.), reducing the voltage drop and the circulating current.

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  • FVFG75 Project

    FVFG75 Project

    Project for the development of a 10-30 kW variable frequency generator/motor controller.

  • IPEA Inverters Project

    IPEA Inverters Project

    Development of a new line of 350-1500VA IPEA inverters. These inverters convert the continuous voltage of the battery from 28V to 115V 400 Hz or 230V 50 Hz.

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