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Towards total quality


The commitment to a new way of doing

  • The starting point of the path towards Total Quality gets its first milestone in 1993 with ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

    Since 1995, Fagor Electrónica takes the European EFQM Model Management, which was recognized in 1998 with the Silver Q award for Business Excellence.

  • Fagor Electrónica´s production plants (Spain and Thailand), have the IAFT 16949 certificate for the automotive sector. Also, its production plants are approved by leading manufacturers and TIER 1 of this sector.

    The sensitivity for the environment is also a company value, that extends well offering even more quality at all levels.

    In 2002 the Mondragón plant got the ISO 14001 certification in 2002 and later, in 2014, Thailand. It is a commitment to a new way of understanding business enterprise.

Quality Certificates