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Innovation for the future


Technologies for electronics manufacturing (PCA/PCBA)

In Fagor Electrónica we provide development capacity, advanced production processes, flexibility and highly qualified personal. We have different manufacturing technologies such as:

  • Lead free solder reflow, and tin-lead reflow.
  • Surface Mount Technology SMT components up to 150 mm and 55x55x25 mm. Formats and technologies: Chip, MELF, Tant Cap, SOIC, TSOP, DPAK, QFP, BGA, QFN, PLCC, CSP, Electrolytic Cap, Connectors, CCGA, Odd Form , Pin-in-Paste.
  • Reflow assembly two sides and single side.
  • Automatic insertion of components with axial and radial terminals (TH).
  • Mixed Assembly: SMT (reflow) + TH, and TH + SMT (adhesive) with automatic lines.
  • Wave soldering in an inert atmosphere, with carriers design for selective action.
  • Selective soldering.
  • Solder reflow-hotbar.
  • ICT (In Circuit Test), flash memory programming, multiwriter to 55 microcontrollers in a single cycle.
  • Functional test and End Of Line test (FCT and EOL) made to fit the product requirements and its production volume.