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Fagor Electrónica and the quality

Quality management shall be a strategic consideration of the first order, and shall serve to establish the bases for solid and competitive development.

Total Quality

The focus and methodology of Total Quality, applied progressively to all spheres of the company, shall be the foundation for the continuous improvement of our management processes:

  • Customer satisfaction is the reason we exist as a company. It is our number one priority to know what their needs are and to meet their requirements.
  • The best market practices are our competitive point of reference and serve as the basis for setting objectives for continuous improvement.
  • Close collaboration with Customers and Suppliers is one of the main opportunities for making advances.
  • Our products are the company's ambassadors as far as the Customer is concerned and synthesise how we operate.
  • Training, communication and recognition of work well done are the main foundations for motivating personnel towards innovation.
  • Prevention of errors and analysis of the real causes with a multidisciplinary perspective are the bases for guaranteeing process quality.
  • Respect for natural resources, through environmental management, forms part of our sustained and sustainable development project.
  • The prevention of occupational hazards is an important sign of respect for the workforce.

Fagor considers that the Management of Quality, the Environment and the Safety are strategic.

Total Quality is everyone's responsibility and Management has to take the lead.

Mondragon Corporation, the strength of a leading Group

Fagor Electrónica is part of Mondragón Corporation, the foremost business group in the Basque Country and seventh in the ranking of Spain's largest businesses.


Group employees more than 85,000 people, and includes more than 200 companies, 1 university, 14 technology centers, 8 educational centers. Mondragon Corporation is structured in three large groups: FINANCIAL, INDUSTRIAL and DISTRIBUTION, which operate independently within the framework of a common strategy..
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