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Fagor Electrónica Thailand at the "Basque around the World" section of the newspaper, Empresa XXI.

Written by Klaudia Weiss   |   12 二月 2019

"Fagor Electrónica, pioneer in the conquest of Southeast Asia. The creation of the production plant in Thailand 27 years ago has guaranteed the survival of the cooperative"

This new is dedicated entirely to the plant that Fagor Electrónica has in the Thai town of Chachoengsao. In the article, Igor Amasene tells the reasons that led the cooperative to establish itself in this country and what its current situation is.

Fagor Electrónica was one of the Basque companies pioneer in the scope of internationalization. And when the outside was practically a stranger to the Basque industry, the cooperative of Mondragon Corporation was fully aware that its future was about expanding its activity. As explained by his head of Engineering in Thailand, Igor Amasene, a early 90's was glimpsed that the future of semiconductors was going to develop in Southeast Asia or China.

Then it was decided to have a production plant to respond the needs of clients and markets. However, "the doubt initial was to choose between China or any other country in the area. As the Asian giant was not the current China in the early 90's, we decided for a stable country, without political problems and well connected with the world as Thailand. " A decision that subsequently was qualified "very successful", because, if not "the survival of Fagor Electronics would have been impossible ", concludes Amasene.

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