Committed to people, committed to the planet and committed to our environment.

is in our DNA

In Fagor Electrónica, sustainability is the foundation on which all our projects are based. Our cooperative essence has marked our roadmap in the more than 50 years that we have been working in a committed way. A way of being that is shown in our way of doing.


People 573
Women 314
Men 259
Budget for environmental management   428.162 €
Earmarked for community aid projects 94.397 €
Water consumed 4.700 m3/year
Less water discharged compared to 2021 -20%
Less water consumed -36%
Reduction in carbon footprint 14%

Human commitment

People are our reason for being.

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Fagor Electrónica is part of a cooperative project created by and for people. A company that stands out for its fairness, shared demands and co-responsibility. In spite of having different locations, all our staff is covered by collective agreements, in which communication between company and employees is always important.
And just as people are at the center of our company, so too are they outside, because our client is the root from which all our projects spring. We develop strategies and customized solutions to meet the needs of each client. We always rely on innovation to make your projects evolve in the right direction. And we are always there, as we offer extended hours customer service.


Environmental Commitment

Step by step towards a better future.

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In Fagor Electrónica we take care of the environment, we create solutions aimed at the welfare of the planet. Our projects are focused on the reduction of control and pollutant emissions. In addition, we have a solvent management plan, we carry out reviews and inspections for the protection of the atmospheric environment and our main emissions are volatile organic compounds. Emissions at all our plants are below the maximum levels established by current legislation. A group committed to the planet, always striving for a better future.

Local commitment

A close look at the whole world.

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In Fagor Electrónica we have a global reach, but the attitude and closeness that characterizes us represents our local character. We champion the circular economy, reinvesting our capital in new projects whose roots sprout in our territory and grow outwards. With transparency, adaptability and responsibility, we work on five continents.

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