Our universe, your world. The universe doesn't stop, neither do we. We make our world work, we make it connect, we make it turn, we are surrounded by a space in which electronics is the key to move forward.

Fagor Electrónica

At Fagor Electrónica we have been dedicated to the manufacture and sale of components since 1966, because each of our technological advances creates a world of possibilities.



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We are a diversified group that is continuously growing, with an enthusiastic team, committed to a sustainable environment, seeking innovation, generating wealth and transforming society.



Automotive and Mobility

The electronic products of the automotive sector are characterized by involving the manufacture of high volume series and with a high level of quality, which is obtained by working with systems with a high degree of automation. In Fagor Electrónica we are a guarantee of these requirements and the IATF-16949 certification and the homologation of the main car manufacturers, TIER-1 and TIER-2 are our guarantee.

In addition, we also manufacture semiconductors that can be found in safety applications such as tire pressure control systems, power steering or electronic stability control, for example. And in turn, they are also used to create ADAS or multimedia systems.

White Goods

With solutions for household appliances, from electronic controls for induction cooktops or washing machines, to the semiconductors needed to operate a blender or a dryer.

Fagor Electrónica is a supplier to the major companies in the sector.

Transport and Logistics

Whether it is a fleet of vehicles, a merchandise, or to know the information that circulates through the vehicle, Fagor Electrónica offers you an optimal solution for each business, totally adapted to your needs. In addition, we have been in the sector for more than 25 years with proven success cases in the different verticals of the supply chain.

Because transporting perishable goods, medicines or passengers is not the same as owning a fleet of vehicles, or being a manufacturer or assembler of a vehicle. Fagor Electrónica offers a global service to the transport and logistics sector.


The aeronautical sector is always going further, developing safer, greener and smarter transport systems. A benefit that is directly transferred to citizens, society and environmental policy and that, in addition, promotes the advancement of European industries in the world market. We support the high demands of this sector with EN 9100 and EN 9110 certifications. Both certifications are necessary to become a reference supplier of electronics in the aeronautical sector. The implementation of EN 9100 is not considered an option, but a necessity if the organization wants to maintain its competitiveness.

At Fagor Electrónica we are synonymous with reliability, quality, safety and technology; needs that are the roadmap to build solutions for this sector.


At Fagor Electrónica we develop connectivity and entertainment solutions for the digital hotel guest. From personalized TV and OTT services in the hotel room, through wifi connection to digital signage, Fagor Connect is an expert in generating value-added experiences for guests and hotel staff, integrating all the necessary technology and infrastructure.

Construction - Residential

Solutions for telecommunications infrastructures in homes, buildings and cities. Fagor Electrónica offers a range of products for a perfect TV installation, both in individual and collective homes. We are specialists in capturing, processing and distributing the TV signal.

Telemedicine and Health

Fagor Electrónica is a reference thanks to its investments in medical equipment and is a partner for the electromedicine sector. We are present in projects for the development of telecare systems, air purification machines and automatic PCR machines.


A good use of primary energies is vital for the development of new technologies. For this reason, at Fagor Electrónica we use energy rationally, something that leads to a reduction in waste and direct economic savings. In addition, in the lines of work and knowledge of our R&D unit we work to promote the development in the field of storage of this energy.

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