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Fagor Electrónica acquires Triax Digital Solutions (TDS) to lead the market in multimedia solutions for residential and tertiary sectors.

Fagor Electrónica, a company integrated into MONDRAGON and specialized in electronic and digital solutions, has acquired Triax Digital Solutions, a company resulting from the merger between Triax AS and Ikusi Multimedia. The objective of the operation is to add volume and technological capabilities to position itself as a leader in high-value-added activities, such as projects and solutions based on multimedia software for residential and tertiary sectors.

With its corporate headquarters located at its parent company Fagor Electrónica facilities in Arrasate-Mondragón (Gipuzkoa), the new Fagor Multimedia Solutions (FMS) will maintain two workplaces, in the Guipuzcoan towns of Arrasate-Mondragón and Astigarraga –the location of the former Triax Digital Solutions–. Throughout 2024, Fagor Electrónica plans to integrate its current Multimedia business into the new subsidiary created. This integration will be effective starting in 2025. MONDRAGON cooperative estimates that, within four years, this new company will achieve a turnover of 25 million euros and will be one of the most important European players in the field of electronic solutions for multimedia and telecommunications infrastructures.

With this operation, Fagor Electrónica commits to continuing a historic firm in Gipuzkoa. Despite the profitability of its operations, Triax Digital Solutions had been in voluntary bankruptcy since September 2023.

The General Manager of the new Fagor Multimedia Solutions, Gorka Guerra, explains that "we detected that we were facing an opportunity to advance in our strategic objectives of diversification and growth towards new value propositions and markets and to do so, furthermore, coherently with our commitment to maintaining employment and the roots of the activity."

In his opinion, the success of Fagor Electrónica's proposal has been based on the rigor and solidity of the project presented by the cooperative, "which has garnered the support of the Triax Digital Solutions workforce because they have seen that at all times we have been clear that the purpose of our approach was to add, consolidate talent, and maintain the decision center in Gipuzkoa."

After receiving approval from the bankruptcy administration for Fagor Electrónica's offer, the new company officially begins its journey on March 15.

Leaders in a Transforming Market
The niche in which Fagor Multimedia Solutions will operate is an evolving market, resulting from the transformation that the traditional TV signal reception sector is undergoing. The business is evolving towards the development of comprehensive, innovative, and high-value-added multimedia solutions and services for residential and tertiary sectors (hotels, hospitals, companies, and unique buildings).

Likewise, the new state regulation on ICT (Common Telecommunications Infrastructures), which is moving towards the connected building of the Smart City framework, represents an interesting opportunity for innovation and growth for this industry.

With this acquisition and the establishment of this new company, FAGOR Electrónica strengthens its capacity for innovation and the development of solutions from R&D to strengthen its technological offer and position itself as a leader in this new market.

About Fagor Electrónica
Fagor Electrónica is a cooperative specialized in electronic and digital solutions that develops and manufactures electronic components for various sectors since 1966. It is part of the FAGOR group and the MONDRAGON Corporation.

With a global presence, the company's headquarters are located in Arrasate-Mondragón (Gipuzkoa). It has subsidiaries in Santander, Colombia, Peru, and Chile, and four production plants in Arrasate-Mondragón, Thailand, Mexico, and Turkey. It has a workforce of over 600 people distributed across its various subsidiaries and production plants and operates commercially on all five continents. In 2023, it had a turnover of 85 million euros and expects to exceed 100 million euros in sales by 2024.

Fagor Electrónica organizes its activity into the following business units: semiconductors, signal processing, electronic subcontracting, Smart Data Services, and new businesses – an area from which it develops electronic innovation projects for various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, naval, and energy.


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