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New WAF distribution amplifiers: the MOON series grows

Fagor presents the new WAF, a distribution amplifier with an elegant design and a totally professional finish. Our commitment to the evolution and updating of the renowned SABAL series.

The WAF series distribution amplifiers are designed using the most modern amplification techniques, which allows us to offer a high power level, with minimum consumption, in a compact format. This results in more sustainable energy consumption and a long service life. In this sense, some features of the Moon series are also incorporated: its user-replaceable power supply in case of repair, as well as a 100% aluminum body, which provides lightness and resistance at the same time. In addition, the potentiometers are replaced by attenuators, which makes its response over the entire working band optimal.

The installation of this amplifier could not be simpler. First the inputs and outputs are connected, then the power supply and finally the meter in the test input to check the signal quality at the output and adjust the signal levels if necessary. Nothing more to do, the amplifier is installed!

All WAF family models include pass-through for the extended return path (up to 65 MHz), with models with and without IF inputs.

Let yourself be attracted by their power, let yourself be attracted by their quality. Try the new WAFs. All this with the quality seal of Fagor's designs.

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