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Fagor Electronica at Diosic event

Last Wednesday, our colleague Mikel Perez participated in the conference "DioSiC: the Spanish chipmaking for the production of Polycrystalline Silicon Carbide microchips". An event in which the R&D project DioSiC was presented, which is a pioneer in the development of semiconductor chips on silicon carbide substrates, combining two densification technologies that use, in addition to high temperatures, high isostatic pressures (Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP) and high current intensities (Spark Plasma Sintering, SPS).

The event also addressed Spain's potential for the deployment of strategic microelectronics and semiconductor production projects in our country. The event was attended by Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric, Cristina Ayala, Mayor of Burgos, Augusto Cobos Pérez, General Director of ICE Castilla y Leon, Teresa Riesgo, General Secretary of Innovation, Jaime Martorell, Special Commissioner PERTE Chip, Pulickel Ajayan, Professor (Ph.D), Ramón Torrecillas from Nanoker Research SL, Andrés Hernando Saiz from Hiperbaric.

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