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Fagor Electronica presents Smartio: the compact and smart amplifier for the distribution of TV signals in for small and medium size installations.

Smartio is a compact and smart amplifier designed for mast installation, with digital channel processing, redefining the TV signal distribution experience.

Plug and Play with Integrated Intelligence Smartio simplifies the experience with its plug and play operation. But what really stands out is its intelligent ability to automatically detect the channels present at each input. In situations of repeated channels, Smartio selects the ones with the highest level, ensuring superior signal quality. Versatile Application for small and medium size installations. Ideal for the distribution of TV signals in individual systems or small installations, Smartio is perfectly suited to the needs of single-family homes, providing an efficient and high-performance solution. Smartio is the highest power intelligent mast amplifier on the market.

Outstanding Features:
- Automatic, intelligent, and autonomous operation.
- Processing of up to 32 different VHF and UHF channels.
- Internal VHF/UHF pre-amplifier for optimum signal power.
- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) with wide dynamic range at the input.
- High rejection of 4G and 5G signals for an interference-free experience.
- Possibility of reusing the 5G band with repeated channels from other inputs, by activating the switch.
- Enclosure designed to operate in outdoor conditions, guaranteeing durability.
- Excellent interference immunity for unmatched signal quality.
- Small size for easy integration into any environment.

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